Make Money from Home, Fire Your Boss,

January 29th, 2007 by Jared Bothwell

….Earn $150 per hour!!!, $1000 paid daily!!!, I was scammed 37 times; these websites are absolute scams I will show you the ones that work (scammed 37 times??).

Google the word ‘online survey’ and these are just a handful of some of the messages you will receive. Now incase you didn’t know these are scams. Go to any of these sites and before you are given the chance to complete one of these surveys you are invited to become a member for only $49.95. I’m not sure how these guys can maintain this ruse but it seems that there are plenty of people willing to pay to be added to list of other people who all not receiving paid surveys. 

I’m actually surprised that these scammers are allowed to advertise on adwords. I notice that the Nigerian’s haven’t cottoned onto that one yet. Google ‘Nigerian prince’ and not one adword appears. It appears the only thing keeping the survey scammers legitimate is the fact they are only asking for $50 rather than $50,000.

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Watch Your Competitors with

January 25th, 2007 by Jared Bothwell

Until I discovered watchthatpage I thought the only way to keep up to date with changes to a competitor’s website was to visit and have a quick look to see if anything had changed. While in theory this sounds like an easy process the reality is that I was lucky to visit these websites once every couple of months.

With watchthatpage  you can register the websites that you wish to monitor and then receive an email as soon as any changes have been made to the site. It is fairly simple to add pages by just using the favorite’s function of your browser so no need to copy and paste URL’s. My only word of caution is beware of sites that incorporate a date field as it is likely that you will be receiving an email each day informing you that that day had changed. Other than that watchthatpage is a great way to contribute to your competitor intelligence efforts.

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Free Online Survey Software – too good to be true?

January 22nd, 2007 by Jared Bothwell

If you are like me you are probably always looking for a bargain and free survey software is something that grabbed my attention straight away. At first I was pleasantly surprised when I googled “Free Survey Software” and I received a large number of responses (150,000,000 to be precise). It is only after digging a little deeper that my excitement turned into despondency. The quality of the surveys was indeed found wanting and the functionality that I wanted all came at a price??

After trying out some of the software I realised that there was a pattern emerging. After signing up for an account with these free online surveys software companies I began building my survey and thinking about survey deployment. Once I got to this stage (a good hour into the process) I realised that the survey tool did not have the logic conditioning that I required, I was unable to customise the look and feel of the survey and the amount of respondents I was able to have was limited to only 100, – not much use when my sample pool was 200. Coincidentally, they did have a survey tool that did fit my needs, though it would cost $99.00 (USD). It then stuck me what a fantastic marketing technique this was, I had invested a substantial amount of my time into a project that I thought was going to cost me nothing only to find out to that for the survey tool to be of any use I was indeed going to have to purchase the product.

It was after this experience that Rock Research decided to commit to a full service online survey product built by the team at Ubiquity Software. We liked it so much that we have now become certified suppliers of the uSuite solution.

Now, I’m not saying that the free online survey products do not have their place. I know of a number of community groups, social clubs where the free products will do the trick fine. Yet, if you care about things like support, brand profile and a great interface, one of the paid online survey products like uSuite would be seriously worth considering.

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