Online Surveys Hit the News

February 12th, 2007 by Jared Bothwell

It is interesting to see that two stories have featured in the local newspapers. Firstly, SmileCity has the numbers and Service with an Online dial. While both of these are unabashed public relations pieces, both stories point to the ever-increasing use of online survey technology for capturing the opinions and ideas of different sample groups.

It is the ‘capturing’ word that I want to focus on today. More and more we are working with clients to use our online survey technology not as survey tools but as a data capturing device. By moving past the survey word and thinking of the ‘capture’ word the online survey technology starts to solve problems that most have ever thought off.

Some instances where survey technology can be useful are:

  • Sales force feedback
  • Internal reporting requirements by remote staff 
  • Invoicing processes 

Often many processes in business rely on collecting information from various sources and then having to input this data into some centralised database. Survey technology has the capacity to replicate many of these processes without the expense of many bespoke software systems.  

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