Time for researchers to reinvent research itself?

July 7th, 2008 by Jared Bothwell

Time for researchers to reinvent research itself?, Jonathan Dodd raises this questions in his article “Online surveys don’t tick all the boxes “

The key issue raised is with consumer panels and the detrimental effects that ‘professional’ respondents can have on research results. I have to agree with the arguments raised in this article and this is why Rock Research has to date stayed away from consumer panels.

One type of panel which we have implemented with success is the Rock Research Citizens Panel This is an online Panel which randomly recruits members from the community in order to provide feedback to Local Government. While a small incentive is used the main focus is to allow community members to have a say in key topical issues that are affecting the community. To date the Citizens Panels have been very successful at providing timely and accurate feedback from the community to Council decision makers.

Palmerston North City Council have recently successfully implemented a Rock Research Citizens Panel which has surveyed residents on issues from rates rises to recreation strategies.

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