Google out in Front with Customer Satisfaction

August 29th, 2008 by Jared Bothwell

Techcrunch highlights the fact that Google has come out in front based on findings from The University of Michigan’s quarterly customer satisfaction index.

Overall satisfaction has increased since 2007 from 78 to 86. Some selected responses from the survey have been outlined below.

Google:                86 (78)
Yahoo:                 77 (79)        76 (74)     75 (74)
MSN:                   75 (75)      75 (73)
Ask:                    74 (75            73 (73)    73 (72)
AOL:                   69 (67)

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Customer Service : Can’t Get No Satisfaction – Just Ask

August 12th, 2008 by Jared Bothwell

In the the August 2008 editorial titled Customer Service : Can’t Get No Satisfaction published in the the NZ Marketing Magazine analysis undertaken of the disconnect between brand promise and customer experience.

The results of the survey revealed that only 33 percent of respondents were satisfied with the level of customer service they receive. (The remaining 67 percent were either dissatisfied or had neutral feelings.) The survey also highlighted that women were more likely to be satisfied than men (34 percent versus 27 percent) and that the over-30s tended to be less satisfied with levels of customer service.

Customers identifed three key areas where they wanted to see improvements. These were:

  1. A willingness to help
  2. The ability to listen and understand the customers’ needs
  3. Take responsibility and ensure those needs are met

Pretty easy really, the hard part is trying to figure out where to focus your attentions. This is where a customer survey is pretty handy. Survey resulst will enable you to idenitfy your strengtsh and weakness in the deliveri of the customer expereince. We all know that we need to keep our customers satisfied, what we often don’t know is where as an orgaisation we may be letting our customers down. The soultion – seek and you shall find, or more simply put, just ask!

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Why Online Surveys are Better than Telephone Surveys

August 5th, 2008 by Jared Bothwell

Peter Van Brunt writes in his article Attention Researchers: Lets Make Market Research Fun that researchers need to focus on the experience of the respondent when designing surveys and need to make an effort to make the research process more enjoyable.

The research industry has been facing public backlash for a number of years and telephone polling seems largely to blame. Talk to nearly anyone with a publicly listed telephone number and I am certain they will be able to recount a survey horror story having spoken to someone whose telephone manner suggests that there is clearly somewhere else’s they would rather be than having to ask 300 people they will never meet the same mundane questions.

No matter how much time or effort you put into designing your survey script to be a entertaining diddle, haphazard delivery by an exam stressed student on twelve dollars an hour is not going to help your cause.

Stage right, enters a short and snappy well written online survey to your rescue. As far as I see it online surveys beat telephone interviewers hands-down and have the potential to spice up any interview.

10 11 Reasons why online surveys beat telephone interviews:

  1. An online survey will not interrupt your dinner time.
  2. An online survey will not call interrupt you while you are on the toilet.
  3. An online survey will not call you masquerading as that important call you have been waiting for all day.
  4. An online survey will not sound bored or disinterested when you give your heartfelt opinion to a question it just asked.
  5. An online survey will not hang up on you.
  6. An online survey will not remind you of your ex-girlfriend.
  7. An online survey will not interrupt you while you are on another call.
  8. An online survey will not speak to you an in an accent that is impossible to understand.
  9. An online survey will not ask you to speak slowly or repeat what you have just said.
  10. An online survey will not have a bad attitude.
  11. An online survey will not yawn.

I am sure there are more reasons why online surveys are better than phone surveys, please feel free to add some more below in the comments

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The net result is ideal for market research

August 5th, 2008 by Jared Bothwell

I picked up an this article published in the Sydney Morning Herald which covers off some of the trends identified at a conference on market research in the digital age.

After kicking myself that I was not aware of the conference I read on and the article generally supports all the positive attributes of online surveys that most reseachers are already well aware off.

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