Easy Online Surveys for Simple Projects

March 23rd, 2010 by Jared Bothwell

The Stuff website published the article “Easy Online Surveys” which highlights a couple of key players in the DIY online survey tool market. They are surveymonkey.com and surveygizmo.com

Having reviewed by tools before I prefer surveygizmo.com over surveymonkey.com. Both products offer free plans but I found surveygizmo.com to have more flexibility.  Be warned though the free plans are a bit of a tease and are more than likely to leave you thirsting for the features and benefits of the paid (professional) plans.

Off course the real challenge with market research is not in selecting the research mode (i.e. the survey delivery mechanism) but the questions you ask.

DIY surveys are great for small research projects i.e. polling your teammates on uniform design more complicated research projects are best left to the professionals.

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How 1 Week Turns into 5 Months

March 10th, 2010 by Jared Bothwell

Wow! It has now been 5 months since my last entry on the blog. Something that was supposed to be a weekly exercise has now really lapsed.

While a brand new baby in the family has had a lot to do with my tardiness, summer weather has also got in the way.

Unless I throw the gauntlet down I suspect a new entry will be some time away. So be prepared for next week for some new hard hitting rocking commentary on the wonderful world of market research.

There it is – the gauntlet is down.

See you then!

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