NZ Post Survey Breaches Privacy

June 20th, 2011 by Jared Bothwell

Back in 2009 NZ Post came under some flak regarding a nationwide survey postal survey they conducted.

The Privacy Commissioner looks set to release two reports this week which criticise the survey calling it a  “systematic, large-scale breach” of privacy principles.

The timing of these reports is auspicious as NZ Post launches the same survey again. NZ Post in a recent press release claims that it has learnt from it’s mistakes in 2009 and a larger focus on privacy issues has been made with its 2011 survey. In addition this years survey will move away from the ‘Census’ look and feel it used in 2009 to avoid any possible confusion.

All respondents to the survey are eligible to be entered into a prize draw with the results of the survey being on-sold to any body willing to pay.

Given the above I  imagine the response rate to the survey will be significantly lower than the 2009 survey given the fact that people are more conscious of who gets their personal data and why.

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